Monday, July 02, 2007

For Basketball Teammate Maj. Kip Taylor

The reason I ordered this bracelet is because I was reading comments left on Maj. Kip Taylor's memorial site and one of the writers commented that she had found the site by ordering a bracelet and received Kip's name randomly. I remembered one of my babysitters as a child had a Vietnam P.O.W. bracelet, but I had not previously realized anyone was making them for 9/11 victims or present day KIAs.

I knew Kip from playing basketball against his team and later on his team when we were both military brats in Germany. While we were not extremely close, I do remember Kip as one of the kindest most unassuming people I had ever met. I thought wearing the bracelet an appropriate memorial for an outstanding young man who died much too soon. Thank you.

M. Berg

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