Saturday, August 25, 2007

For a Vietnam Serviceman

I'm 46, too young for service, but old enough to remember kids wearing the bracelets in jr high.

My uncle served in USAF in Vietnam, flying F100s and F-5s; he did survive the war. I've been interested in it for quite a while. Had a recent trip to D.C. and visited the Wall. I searched out some names I'd read about so I could find them on the wall.

How I chose this particular serviceman: After my trip, I was searching Wall names by home state and noticed Donald Westbrook's name. He had the first name of a family friend and the last name of another family friend, so it caught my eye. I searched Internet about him and found out he was 51 when he was lost, serving in his third war! I also noticed his remains were recently recovered after almost 40 yrs- and, he was buried at Arlington just a wk before my DC visit.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For My Fallen Comrade

I received my bracelet today and I was hoping to get it before I departed for my rest and recuperation leave tonight! It looks great, and I thank you and your company for such a professional and thoughtful reminder of my fallen comrade. This was one of my Soldiers we lost in July and I wanted to keep him close to my heart each and everyday with this bracelet.

CSM Dolishia

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

As a Gift To A Good Friend

This bracelet was a gift to a friend. This bracelet was a reminder/replacement of the original bracelet that was given to him by a teacher in grade school who was the widow of the person that is listed on the bracelet. He kept this bracelet all through school, college, and 15 years in the USSF and never lost it. Once he return state side it was stolen from him. His description of how much it meant to him and the reminders of the special people in his life that he had lost during certain conflicts that he was apart of during his time in service. So I got this to help him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To Remember My Contribution at Ground Zero

I have been in the communications business for over 25 years (13 years Air Force). I had the distinct Honor and Privilege to respond to the destruction that happen to the Cellular communications system with the harrows that befell the World Trade Centers. I traveled with 7 other guys from my company towing 4 portable Cell sites from Phoenix AZ to a staging area outside of Manhattan. Myself and three other company guys were tasked to go in to Manhattan and help deploy microwave point-to-point communication systems to help bring the Wireless phone system back on line.

Although we spent only a week working in and around Ground Zero it had a tremendous effect on all of us; or contribution was every small in the scope of things but it is the proudest moment in my professional life. I have been looking something to wear other than the shirts I have support the FD and your bracelet has provide me with that.


For Navy Pilot James B. Mills Shot Down in Viet nam

James B. Mills was a Navy pilot from Bakersfield California. He was shot down over North Viet Nam ( 09-21-1966 ) and never heard from again. His father was an administrator at the high school I originally went to (East Bakersfield in 1969) and I've always wanted to remember his son's story with a POW bracelet.

The DOD is slowly bringing home some of the missing from Southeast Asia and just this month July 2007 Marine Cpl. Jim E. Mosier (KIA helicopter shoot down 06-11-1967) was identified and brought home to Bakersfield for burial. We owe it to the families to bring them all home and demand a full accounting from the various governments involved, for the brave warriors were true Patriots who shed their blood for the tree of liberty.

For a Fellow Navy Shipmate

I purchased my bracelet to remember a fellow Navy shipmate that was killed during a helo training exercise that killed all 5 members on board. I remembered a friend in high school that had a bracelet during the first Gulf War that had the name of a soldier in his brother's unit that was killed in Iraq.

For a Brother Firefighter Murdered on 9/11

I ordered a bracelet with the name of a brother firefighter who was murdered on 9/11. A victim of terrorism. I am a firefighter and felt that each brother in the FDNY that perished on 9/11 deserved to go home.... Wearing this bracelet each day, as I go into work, is my way of helping them continue their tour. Each day I leave work for home, is my way of bringing them home, like each and everyone of them should have on 9/11.

To Remind Me and Everyone the Freedom Comes at a Price

Recently i was moving , and during the process, my girlfriend found her original MIA bracelet from the late 60's -early 70's. Upon finding the bracelet she has worn it ever since.

Recently my parents went to visit my oldest brother, who is a Commander in the US Navy and was teaching at Annapolis. During there visit, they went to see all the sights in the nations capitol, and one of there stops was the Vietnam Memorial to place flowers for one of my brothers friends who never came home in 1969.

One night i called my brother to find out how there vacation was going. He told me the story of there trip to the capitol and all the other events of the day. As he mentioned the Memorial wall, i told him that we had found the old MIA bracelet. He mentioned that next to the memorial was a place you could order new bracelets, and the following day i went on line and found your web site, and ordered my first bracelet for Capt. Quinlan R. Orell USN . Upon receipt, i have worn the bracelet every day as a reminder to me and everyone who sees it that freedom comes at a price, at that price is a persons precious life.

For Every Person Protecting our Precious Freedom

I don't think our troops are receiving all the support they should. Not to mention the families of the men and women serving to protect our country! Protecting even those who protest!

You see I come from a military background, growing up overseas on military bases, and I personally don't care how people feel about the war, whether you are for it or against it, but I do believe that no matter how you feel, you should support and be extremely proud of the men and women who sacrifice all to protect us and our great land! For without them..... we could be living like the people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am wearing the bracelet for Pvt. Byron W. Fouty, who is currently MIA. He is only 19, the same age as my son. My prayers are with him, his family, and each and every person who is protecting our precious freedom!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

For LCPL John B. Nahan III

I received my first MIA bracelet for LCPL John B. Nahan III (a Marine that served in Vietnam in early 1994). A new friend and former vet was wearing one at the time and told me all about it and I immediately asked how I could get one. Until recently I knew nothing of John's story. This is what I uncovered about him. He was 22 and served one year and was killed on his first day back.  He was killed on August 3, 1967 but because they could not recover his body he was listed as MIA. Our government recovered his remains in June of 1994 but he was not properly identified until 2001 and his status was then changed to KIA. I will be returning his MIA bracelet to his family via the Department of Defense and I have ordered his KIA bracelet to wear in place of the old one.

Monday, August 06, 2007

For My Dad and Best Friend

This bracelet means the world to me.  My dad was and will always be me best friend.  I just lost him four months ago to cancer and he was all military , strong willed to the end and I appreciate your website to be able to show people what he meant to me.

To Support the Family of Matt Maupin

I manage a military surplus store in Northern Kentucky just 15 miles from where Matt Maupin's parent's live. I met his parents at the Yellow Ribbon Support Center in Batavia, Ohio and was touched by their spirit and willingness to not forget their son. Since his capture is so close to home and we have ongoing activities around the area to help to lead him home, I felt compelled to purchase the bracelet in support of Matt and his family.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

For My Earth Angel

My son Noah was full of life, he was the happiest couragest 5 year old I knew.  I believe there are two types of Angels. Heavenly Angels and Earth Angels.  God sent Noah to us as an Earth Angel.  My son touched so many lives at the young age of 5 that most people don't do in a life time.  We live in a small town in called Thomaston, the population is approximately 8000 people.  My wife and I started a found to replace a 30 year old playground at Noah's school in his name.  Last year in 2006 we raised 240,000.00 for the new playground, the playground was built and like I told everyone,  Noah's playing on the playground with all the children laughing and smiling. Remember little things are really big things, in the whole scheme of things.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

For High School Classmate Lynne Morris Who Perished in the WTC

I live in Tucson, AZ now, but I am originally a native New Yorker, born in Newburgh, NY, and raised in Highland Mills, NY (otherwise known as Woodbury). One of the closest towns to Highland Mills is Monroe, NY.

I knew several people that perished in the World Trade Center, but I knew Lynne Morris the best. She lived in Monroe. She was my age, and we attended the same high school (Monroe-Woodbury), and the same class (1996). We sat in several classes together, and all my classmates knew each other. She was a very sweet girl, and was nice in high school. I remember going to a store and seeing Lynne's parents hand out fliers to notify the community that she was missing. I just about burst into tears. She was a few months younger than me. I kept thinking that it could have been me that perished like she did. I felt so sorry for her family, and so heartbroken that yet another class member of mine has died (there have been several 7 or so since graduation). I also felt guilty in that I wish there was something I could have done to protect her and everyone else that died that day.

So someone told me about your website, and that is why I ordered a bracelet in Lynne's name. So when I think of it, I can smile, and it is just like having a piece of her with me. Thank you so much. My bracelet is just what I wanted.

For Someone Close to Me

I have always wanted one from the age of about 7, I am now 44, my father was in the Air Force and we used to go the Open House on the Base where ever we lived and I used to see them. So I found your site which is wonderful and I located a name that was my maiden name Hardy the MIA was also from CA where I am from. My Dad  is a Hardy from CA and he also did his time in Vietnam. So I felt that the name I chose was appropriate and I did research on Capt John K Hardy and read how he is MIA. My prayers are with him and all our service men.