Wednesday, August 08, 2007

For LCPL John B. Nahan III

I received my first MIA bracelet for LCPL John B. Nahan III (a Marine that served in Vietnam in early 1994). A new friend and former vet was wearing one at the time and told me all about it and I immediately asked how I could get one. Until recently I knew nothing of John's story. This is what I uncovered about him. He was 22 and served one year and was killed on his first day back.  He was killed on August 3, 1967 but because they could not recover his body he was listed as MIA. Our government recovered his remains in June of 1994 but he was not properly identified until 2001 and his status was then changed to KIA. I will be returning his MIA bracelet to his family via the Department of Defense and I have ordered his KIA bracelet to wear in place of the old one.

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Anonymous said...

My mom dated John B Nahan's younger brother, Pat, in college... That was a long time ago, but she still talks about him sometimes. I was wondering if you had a way to contact his family. My e-mail address is 08co' . From what I hear about Pat, I am sure his brother John was an amazing young man.