Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To Remind Me and Everyone the Freedom Comes at a Price

Recently i was moving , and during the process, my girlfriend found her original MIA bracelet from the late 60's -early 70's. Upon finding the bracelet she has worn it ever since.

Recently my parents went to visit my oldest brother, who is a Commander in the US Navy and was teaching at Annapolis. During there visit, they went to see all the sights in the nations capitol, and one of there stops was the Vietnam Memorial to place flowers for one of my brothers friends who never came home in 1969.

One night i called my brother to find out how there vacation was going. He told me the story of there trip to the capitol and all the other events of the day. As he mentioned the Memorial wall, i told him that we had found the old MIA bracelet. He mentioned that next to the memorial was a place you could order new bracelets, and the following day i went on line and found your web site, and ordered my first bracelet for Capt. Quinlan R. Orell USN . Upon receipt, i have worn the bracelet every day as a reminder to me and everyone who sees it that freedom comes at a price, at that price is a persons precious life.


Unknown said...

I recently was going through some old photos and came across the photo I had of the MIA bracelet that I wore. On the back of the picture I wrote the name Captain Quinlan Orell, MIA. I believe we have the same MIA captain. I am wondering if you also have a picture of him so that we may see, if indeed, he is the same MIA.

gram said...

I also have an original mia bracelet with cdr. Quinlan orell's name. Mine was given to me by a student I taught in Springfield, VA in 1972. I didn't realize that there were many made for the same person

Anonymous said...

I have Cdr. Orell's bracelet. Is there a family member that would like to have it. I wore it for years back in the '70s. I am 57 yrs. old and thought a family member would like to have the bracelet.