Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For Navy Pilot James B. Mills Shot Down in Viet nam

James B. Mills was a Navy pilot from Bakersfield California. He was shot down over North Viet Nam ( 09-21-1966 ) and never heard from again. His father was an administrator at the high school I originally went to (East Bakersfield in 1969) and I've always wanted to remember his son's story with a POW bracelet.

The DOD is slowly bringing home some of the missing from Southeast Asia and just this month July 2007 Marine Cpl. Jim E. Mosier (KIA helicopter shoot down 06-11-1967) was identified and brought home to Bakersfield for burial. We owe it to the families to bring them all home and demand a full accounting from the various governments involved, for the brave warriors were true Patriots who shed their blood for the tree of liberty.

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Anonymous said...

We need to bring these men home. Their families deserve to have their loved ones home finally.
Crystal Berger
Birch Bay, WA