Thursday, August 02, 2007

For High School Classmate Lynne Morris Who Perished in the WTC

I live in Tucson, AZ now, but I am originally a native New Yorker, born in Newburgh, NY, and raised in Highland Mills, NY (otherwise known as Woodbury). One of the closest towns to Highland Mills is Monroe, NY.

I knew several people that perished in the World Trade Center, but I knew Lynne Morris the best. She lived in Monroe. She was my age, and we attended the same high school (Monroe-Woodbury), and the same class (1996). We sat in several classes together, and all my classmates knew each other. She was a very sweet girl, and was nice in high school. I remember going to a store and seeing Lynne's parents hand out fliers to notify the community that she was missing. I just about burst into tears. She was a few months younger than me. I kept thinking that it could have been me that perished like she did. I felt so sorry for her family, and so heartbroken that yet another class member of mine has died (there have been several 7 or so since graduation). I also felt guilty in that I wish there was something I could have done to protect her and everyone else that died that day.

So someone told me about your website, and that is why I ordered a bracelet in Lynne's name. So when I think of it, I can smile, and it is just like having a piece of her with me. Thank you so much. My bracelet is just what I wanted.

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