Friday, December 16, 2005

My daughter's boyfriend, Dennis J. Ferderer, was killed in action in Iraq on November 2, 2005. He and my daughter had known each other for one year. Dennis was deployed last January. He came home on leave in late September and was able to visit with my daughter his last few days before returning to duty. They planned to continue dating when he returned to Fort Benning this January. They talked to each other for about an hour on the phone early Monday morning, October 31st. It was unusual for Dennis to be able to talk that long when he called. On Thursday afternoon, just before my daughter was supposed to go take a major Biology test, a friend of Dennis' called and told her that Dennis had been killed on Wednesday. My daughter has had a hard time dealing with this loss but she was able to leave school and attend his funeral in North Dakota. His family was wonderful to her. She has returned to Georgia Tech where she attends college and is trying to catch up with what she missed and also get on with her life although she's still so sad. She keeps saying she doesn't want anything for Christmas but I think she will really like this bracelet and it will be a way to make others aware of the mounting numbers of soldiers that are dying almost every day.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

To Show The World The Name In My Heart

When I was a Junior in High School a buddy of mine, then a Senior, was joining the Army and bought it for me as a reminder. I never took it off. In 4 years i took it off 5 times...2 for surgery, once it got taken off me playing basketball, and the other 2 i did it. Well I lost it at a concert and was never able to find it. So I looked in vane for a few years for a place to get a specific name. I found you, and I am very grateful to have this name back on my body, and not just in my heart.
Sincerely Jeremy

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When I Saw My Cousin's Name On Your Site I Had To Have It

I have another bracelet that I purchased back in 95 at Nellis AFB, with a gentle man named SMSgt Kenneth D. McKenney from the Vietnam War, I'm not sure if you made the bracelet but it was what I have had on my wrist for a long time. Unfortunately the bracelet is of thinner quality and even though it lasted many years the time finally paid its toll. I did a google search for memorial bracelets and your site was the first one to open up, talk about luck huh. Now for the reason why I have the bracelet I have, well I'm sure we all remember 9-11, I was stationed at Wright Patterson AFB as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Resource Protection. As soon as the first plane hit moments later we were scrambling to initiate what's called a barrier plan, its enables the base police more control of traffic and safety for those on Base. Later on throughout the day I was able to get a phone call from my mother who informed me my 3rd cousin, Brian Kinney was on board Flight 11. I have much memorabilia from Sep 11, many news articles, pictures all on a large post it Memory board but when I seen my cousins name on your site I had to have it, thank you for helping me to remember my cousin everyday.