Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When I Saw My Cousin's Name On Your Site I Had To Have It

I have another bracelet that I purchased back in 95 at Nellis AFB, with a gentle man named SMSgt Kenneth D. McKenney from the Vietnam War, I'm not sure if you made the bracelet but it was what I have had on my wrist for a long time. Unfortunately the bracelet is of thinner quality and even though it lasted many years the time finally paid its toll. I did a google search for memorial bracelets and your site was the first one to open up, talk about luck huh. Now for the reason why I have the bracelet I have, well I'm sure we all remember 9-11, I was stationed at Wright Patterson AFB as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Resource Protection. As soon as the first plane hit moments later we were scrambling to initiate what's called a barrier plan, its enables the base police more control of traffic and safety for those on Base. Later on throughout the day I was able to get a phone call from my mother who informed me my 3rd cousin, Brian Kinney was on board Flight 11. I have much memorabilia from Sep 11, many news articles, pictures all on a large post it Memory board but when I seen my cousins name on your site I had to have it, thank you for helping me to remember my cousin everyday.

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