Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Something That Needs To Be Made More Aware To The Public

I ordered a bracelet because it’s something that needs to be made more aware to the public, people seem to forget about POW/MIA troops; whether they’re from the Vietnam, Korean or Iraqi wars. I wanted to get the word out, and this is definitely one way to do it, whether silently (to those whom have heard of it, but do not participate) or to those who ask “What’s that bracelet all about?” I’m active duty AF, I heard about this by asking that same question “What’s that bracelet all about?” I didn’t know what it was until about 18 months ago, and I think it’s a good thing to have out there in the public. People tend to forget that there are POWs still alive stuck in Vietnam, or they just don’t care. When we say “No man left behind” we try to stick to it as much as possible, and this is another way of funding that mission.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

For The Brave Men and Women Who Risk Their Lives for Us

I received my POW Bracelets today, and will wear them both proudly. 

A local radio station, in conjunction with a local Harley Davidson dealership, has sponsored a motorcycle ride for the last 3 years.  All money raised goes to the USO to buy minutes for phone cards for the troops.  We have been lucky enough to participate all 3 years.  This year, the total raised was over 500,000 minutes, with over 600 motorcycles participating.  One of the items that each participant was given was an Army National Guard Hero brought back memories.  I had one of the "original" POW Bracelets when I was a teenager.  Unfortunately, I do not know what happened to it, but I wore it for years.  I am happy to say that the soldier who's name I wore is a POW returnee. 

The decision on the names for the bracelets was the hardest part.  I decided on one who was from a very small town near the very small town where my mother was born and raised - unaccounted for.  The other was because of the date - my 14th birthday - who's remains have been recovered/returned.

I will wear my bracelets as a daily reminder of the brave men and women who risk their lives every day for us.

For the USS Kitty Hawk

I received my Memorial Bracelet and it's prefect. I order this one because I was aboard the USS Kitty Hawk and I remember the day this happen I was on the bridge and remember writing it in the daily log. I'm not sure how I found your site was surfing around for one thing then another and came crossed it. It's an amazing web site has a lot of GREAT information on it. I enjoy it a lot. I had a POW Bracelet I wore in the 70's and an old girlfriend took it with her when she moved. 

Anyway thanks a lot for the new one. 



Friday, June 23, 2006

I Have Always Had Compassion Towards Vietnam Vets

Since I was a teenage girl, for some reason I have always have compassion towards Vietnam Vets, and the men and woman that served, and witnessed some horrific things, during the Vietnam conflict, and treatment that they received when they returned home. I have had one family member that was in Vietnam and he just passed away last July due to cancer from exposure from agent orange, I witnessed what he already went through with the war (stories that he shared) and then another battle, cancer. So I purchased two bracelet's one for me and my husband to wear. We wear them everyday and a lot of people ask what they are and have never even heard of such a thing and they think that it is a great concept. I chose men that were killed in action (BB) and remains never found and returned home, so I searched out men that were from the state that I live in (Ohio) and well all I can do is hope and pray for these lost souls are finally found and brought home instead of being on foreign soil.

I own a tattoo shop and a gentlemen that is getting ready to leave for Iraq had a bracelet on and that is how I found out. He was very helpful and actually guided me through to finding the website, I love the bracelet and so does everyone else. To me it is more than a bracelet, it is someone's soul and memory that I carry with me everyday, everywhere no matter what. I pray they are all found and thank you so much for the chance to wear something so passionate.


For My Fiancee Who Was Shot In Southern Bahgdad

I ordered a bracelet not for myself, but for my fiancee who was shot in Southern Bahgdad back in January of this year. During his recovery, he has lost two of his Infantry Brothers. One to a roadside bomb, the other to a mortar attack. He continues to deal with the very real possibility that even more of his dearest friends will not return home alive. I gave him a memorial bracelet not sure how he would react being that this is understandably a very painful issue. Much to my relief, he absolutely loves and appreciates that he can carry on his friend's names with the bracelets. I thank you for the opportunity you have given me to give him something that he is and will forever hold dear to him. Of course, he will always remember his Brothers, but I think these bracelets hold such a great significance being that they often strike up conversations with strangers who are curious as to what they are and the story behind the Soldier's name engraved on them. This allows us to spread the story of their sacrifice and to carry on the stories of everyday men making bigger than life contributions to their country in a time of conflict. Thank you.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

It Is Not About POWs It Is About The Dead

I wanted a bracelet because I wore a POW bracelet for years for my Vietnam soldier, he was MIA after the return. I checked on him occasionally via the net and learned recently that he is felt to have died in a plane crash that was witnessed. The crash site is not accessible, so the bodies have not been recovered.

When we got POWs in the Gulf war, I ordered a bracelet, randomly, and got the soldier from my state. Ironically, my Gulf soldier went missing on the same day as my Vietnam soldier, 20 some years later. But he came home-hooray.

Now my precious son is in Iraq. I wear all kinds of stuff to honor him. He is still ok, but he was in the truck next to Pfender's when they were all hit by the IED. Being the medic, he went straight to his best friend there who was injured fatally. My son held Jonathan as his life's blood poured all over the two of them. Joel knew John was gone the instant he was hit, but he held him and said a blessing for his dear friend. My son will never be the same after that, the son I sent to the Army died that day too. Later he discovered another soldier had been hit, but the guy was so adrenalined up he didn't even know it. The injury turned out to be severe, and Joel was able to save him and pack him off to the hospital. He is now home still recovering.

This war isn't about POWs, it is about the dead. I wear this bracelet in honor of Pfender, who lost his life, in honor of Joel, who lost his innocence, and in honor of Rodrigues, who's injuries are forever.


As An American I Will Wear This Bracelet With Pride

I remember the POW bracelets from Vietnam. My Parents did not allow me to have one for some odd reason I may never know. We were a military family and at Fort Lee Virginia at the time so... Now I work for the Air Force as a Civilian DOD Employee. From time to time you kind of forget why we are sending troops to what they call The Sand Box. So this will be a reminder to me and whoever I come in to contact with. After all now there are no pictures of the devastation on TV anymore. The whole thing seems like a bad dream that no body remembers any more..., yet we still have troops and civilians dieing over there daily because it is their jobs. Remember the war was supposed to be over last June. Well enough of all that. I'm pleased with the bracelets as and honorably discharged airborne ranger, as an ex-army brat, as a DOD employee and as a proud American I will wear this bracelet with pride.

For His Parents To Wear While He Is Away

I ordered them because the love of my life, Spc Jonathan K. Rush is in Iraq for the next year. He is in Kirkuk and has already seen many IED and Rocket Attacks. His letters are so heart felt, and yet a world away. I ordered the bracelets for his parents to wear while he is away. We all trust that God will bring him safely home to our waiting arms. Thank you for providing the bracelets.

My Heart Aches For All Those Who Lost Their Lives

Ayleen and I met while working for the same company. I was laid off and she went on to work for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The week before Sept. 11th I received a call with an offer to work for the same company since Ayleen had gotten a promotion. I accepted the offer but later that day called back and turned it down because it was a short term position and I was looking for something full time/long term. If I would have accepted the position, I too would have lost my life since they wanted me to start Sept. 10th. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the tragedy and how close I came to being another fatality. My heart aches for all those who lost their lives as well as Ayleen who left behind a young daughter in high school and a young son. They will be in my prayers always.

Thank you,


My Bracelet Is A Symbol Of Hope For The Maupin Family

I have no friends or relatives fighting in the war against terrorism. I read so many moving stories from the families of the fallen, this soldier, Spc. Keith Maupin, is our only POW at this point from the war in Iraq. After reading a current story by his parents in one of the online newspapers where they have not given up hope, I wanted to share that hope with them and pray that their son does come home safely. My bracelet is a symbol of hope for the Maupin family....


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Supporting Soldiers And Their Families

Because my soldier had a strange last name, I decided to try to find his family on the internet. I was broken hearted to find out that my soldier was entire family is devastated. I will still try to find his family and will place the bracelet on our tree every year at Christmas. We also want to send his family a special ornament in his memory.

In Support Of My Boyfriend

My boyfriend is getting ready to go on his second tour of the Iraq Freedom War, year number two. He lost his good friend that was beside him on Oct. 16 of 2003 and by the time he got home all of the memorial bracelets were gone from military surplus stores around Fort Campbell, KY. This will be a sad but great surprise for him this Christmas. May God be those who have lost their lives in the Iraqi war as well as their family and friends.

God Bless,

In Memory Of My Cousin Killed In South Vietnam

I ordered this bracelet in memory of my cousin killed in South Vietnam. My daughter had a project in school to interview a vet about his/her experience. We told the history of Kyle J Coles from a letter written by his friend to Kyles mother shortly after his death. The letter told of how Kyle had volunteered to take his friends spot on a mission to deliver supplies to Marines. Kyle's helicopter was hit by an NVA rocket propelled grenade. Kyle and the crew were all killed. Our family thought in remembrance of Kyle and Veterans Day we would order the bracelet to remind us of the sacrifices made by our military and their families.

Thanks again the bracelet!

Help Support The Troops

I had been dating Lauro for two years; before he went to Iraq he asked me to marry, him and I told him I would tell him when he came home in April. During his time in Iraq, we talked on the internet and had planned a date. Three weeks before he was KIA, he asked me to marry him again, this time I told him yes. I really loved him and was sad and mad at god and the world when I found out he died. I found out Nov. 14 that he died Sept. 8. I was mortified, when I found this website it lifted my spirits, because this way I could always remember him and help support the troops and to do something good



My Heart Goes Out To Soldiers Of War

I had a POW bracelet in the 70's. I wore it out & haven't replaced it until now.
My heart goes out to soldiers of war. I saw what a real war (WWII) did to my father. My heart bleeds for the men and women of this war. They will be remembered.

I can't wait unit some notices that I'm wearing a "Pray For Our Troops, Operation Iraq Freedom bracelet!!!

In His Memory

We knew Bart, he was my one sons friend so when I realized I could order one in his memory with his name on it I ordered it right away. Bart had spent a lot of time here at our house. I had to have one either to keep or to give to my son once he comes home from Iraq himself.

Dianne and John

A Daily Reminder Of My Husband And His Work

I wanted a bracelet because my husband is over in Iraq. He has been there for four months and I really wanted something for myself that showed how proud I am of him and also a daily reminder of him and the work he is doing over there. I miss him dearly and the bracelet helps me to show others how proud I am of him and how much I love him.


A Reminder To Never Give Up Praying

I am giving the bracelets to my brother and sister-in-law. My nephew, Josiah, was diagnosed with an inoperable brainstem tumor on November 15th. We are believing in the healing power of Jesus and the bracelets will be reminder to never give up praying.

Monday, June 19, 2006

To Remember What All The Soldiers Have Done For Us

I had remembered seeing my mom's bracelet from Vietnam and liked the idea of it. I know a few people who have gone to Iraq and I think it is important to remember what all the soldiers have done for us. I picked this particular name because I bought it with my birthday money. He and I were the same age on the day that he died and he died two days before my 22nd birthday. Now as I graduate college and stress out about finding a job and other things, I can look at the bracelet and remember that I am lucky to just have this opportunity and also remember those that gave up their lives for others and will never have the opportunities I have.

A Great Way To Honor A Veteran

My Uncle recently passed suddenly and his daughter and I are close, her birthday is soon and I thought the bracelet engraved with his years of service in the Korean War would be a great way to honor her father's memory.


In Honor Of His Close Friend, Who Died In Iraq

It is for my son, SSG Jake Schlereth for Christmas. It is in honor of his close friend, who died in Iraq last year. Jake bought a bracelet from US Calvary in Clarksville, TN. But, they don't sell KIA bracelets anymore. They informed me of your website. My son returned from Iraq on January 25th of this year. This new bracelet will mean alot to him. His other bracelet bent & he is no longer wearing it. Thank you so much...Your website means so much to families who have lost a loved one.


It Is An Honor To Wear A Bracelet With The Name Of A Hero

I ordered a bracelet because I have a spot in my heart for the soldiers in Iraq. I am in a transportation unit in the National Guard in SD. We just completed our year in Iraq and it is truly an experience I will never forget, it has changed me forever. I feel the pain of every family who looses someone in Iraq- although I believe in the war with all my heart- it is still sad when we loose a dedicated soldier. I believe it is the highest honor to die serving your country, and I feel it is an honor to wear a bracelet with the name of a hero. I chose my name by the state I live in, the branch of service I am in and I wanted the lowest ranking soldier.


Remembering Those Who Did Not Come Home

My father was active duty Army and retired back in 68' after serving 2 tours in Vietnam. When the time came for me to make a life choice, I chose to join the Air Force back in 1984; I recently retired so I guess you could say I have been in the military my whole life. My fiance' served in Desert Storm and he talks proudly of those days. This bracelet is for him to remember those who served with him, but never got the chance to come home like he did. Thanks for everything and best wishes!

MSgt USAF, Ret

Three Generations Of Marines

My father, mother, and step father were Marines. My father was in Beirute in 83 and he is now one of the chairmen on the Beirute Memorial. I joined the Army and went to Iraq. Soon after we got there my father's National guard unit was activated and sent to Iraq. The experience that I took from being in a combat zone and then worrying about my father, who was in the same situation more times than most, made it a lot easier to understand where he was coming from. There is no one on this earth I respect more, well maybe second to my Grandpa who went to Vietnam with the Air Force, and both of these men have instilled a great tradition of patritotism in my brother(USMC)and I. Any one familiar with the Beirute Memorial knows that a common motto for them is "Our First Duty is to remember" That is what I had engraved on my father's bracelet. No matter how many times I hear that or the National anthem I get goose bumps and there have been some situations where it has filled my eyes with tears. It is great knowing that my family are not the only people who still remember to be patriotic. Thank you again,


I Carry The Memory That He Gave For Our Country

I have worn an MIA bracelet for over ten years up until a few years ago when the metal began to fray. I had thought of having the bracelet melted, recast and re-engraved with my soldiers name on it.
I wasn't alive during the Vietnam War, but my father served. He had worn the bracelet for some years before presenting it to me as a gift. He always emphasized to me the meaning behind the bracelet and I have a come to feel as though a part of me is missing if not wearing it. I will be ordering a new bracelet with my soldiers name. I call him "my soldier" because I carry the memory of his name with me. I carry the memory that he gave for our country. I carry hope, above all that he will return.
His name is Lt. Robert C. Marvin MI. It is but one name of thousands. To me, he has come to symbolize every soldier who is still MIA. Through him I carry their memory.

I hope one day to pass his memory on to my children.

To Keep My Brother On My Mind And Honor Others Who Defend American Freedom

The bracelet I ordered from you is in the name of my brother who was a Special Forces advisor in Vietnam. He was killed in 1964, and through lots of people's efforts, we finally had his remains returned in 1984. Another twenty years have passed since then, so I feel fortunate I located your website and ordered the bracelet for the 40th anniversary of my brother's sacrifice on December 10th. I will wear it continuously to honor not only my brother, but all those that defend the freedom many take for granted.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is My Way Of Remembering The Employees Of My Husband's Office

My husband's company was located on the 104th floor of WTC 2. They lost over 100 employees, some close friends of ours. We live in Memphis, TN. where they company has a satellite office. The bracelet is my way of remembering the employees. Thanks for providing this product. Lisa

This Is Something To Help People See How Special He Was

A good friend of mine and I were teammates at Florida International University. We ran cross country and track together. A funny story recounted by a marine was that while Mike was stationed at Ramadi in Iraq; while he was in the "snake pit" (had about a 300m perimeter) he would run loops upon loops to get in his run of 5-10miles/day. He was a very dedicated runner, teammate, but most of all friend. He was always thinking of others as was apparent in one of his transactions to many of his teammates here in Miami, FL where he sent a list of all the marines in his platoons and asked if we would send them letters and care packages. He helped in securing the safety of his men and also helped to defeat the enemy during an engagement on Oct 13, 2004 that ultimately lead to his death. Well these are just a few examples why I chose to get this bracelet. Did I really need a bracelet to remember him? No, I will never forget him. This is just something to help all who see it know how special he was. I am not a marine or in the armed forces but I am very thankful for the protection they help provide for us. I saw a bumper sticker that read as follows: "America home of the free, because of the brave." I feel that is so true. Thank you for this service and may the Lord bless our soldiers, our country, and our families.

I Appreciate What Our Brothers Do For America Overseas

I purchased the bracelet because being a new member in the armed services, I have really grown to appreciate what our brothers do for America overseas. I am currently a midshipman attending the United States Naval Academy. I hold a great sentimental value in the bracelet. It stands for much more than just a name engraved on metal. Although I still have time before I serve as an officer, I read about our troops everyday. It hits us close to home now that casualties have recently exceeded 1200 in Fallujah. So when I look at it, I am reminded of what I am working for. That is to be the best leader I can. Someday I will lead men like Lance Corporal Nice into combat. Beautiful work! Thank you.

In Memory Of A Soldier Who Died

The bracelet I had made was in memory of a soldier who died in a vehicle accident in Iraq on 28 April. His spouse was assigned to my company, and I had to tell her that her husband was killed while we were deployed here in Iraq as well. It was the hardest thing Ive ever done, and I wear it as a reminder that whenever things seem bad, they will never be as bad as they were on that day.


I Wear It When I Want My Cousin Close

My cousin Joeseph Keller died on 9/11. I got a bracelet with his name. Right after 9/11 someone on the news showed their bracelet and it was his. I wanted it. But I didn't know their were duplicates. I will now wear it on holidays when I want him close and days when I just need him extra close. Thank you for the bracelet it will help my healing process which I will forever be going through.


I Give Respect To Those Who Put Their Lives On The Line

I ordered a bracelet was that I wanted to show that I give respect to those who put their lives on the line to protect my freedom. While I myself I am currently serving the USAF for Operation Iraqi Freedom, I would like for someone to remember me if something was to happen.


We Must All Honor These Men Of Courage

I wanted my daughter to wear a bracelet since she's 14 and is a bit self centered at this point. I felt it would be a way for her to be more aware as I picked hero's killed in action who were very young - only a few years older than her. We'll see if she'll wear it. I felt like crying when I put the bracelet on and read the name. I ordered the bracelets because I feel strongly that we must all honor these men and women of courage who have given their lives for our country, our freedom. I know that we are doing the right thing by fighting a war on terrorism rather than waiting for the next attack on our country. I am so honored to honor a hero by wearing a bracelet. Thank you.

No One Should Ever Forget

I ordered my bracelet for Scott Speicher because he flew out of my home town, Jacksonville Florida, and has never came home. No one should ever forget that he is still out there, somewhere.

Thanks again

Ms Ballard

I Wear It For Their Family As Well

I am currently dating a young man who attends the Virginia Military Institute. Part of
what motivated me to purchase my bracelet is the idea that I wear the bracelet not just for the POW/MIA soldier/sailor/airman/marine, but for his family as well. I hope that if (God forbid) something
happens to my soldier, someone else will do the same!

Thank you so much!

I Wanted To Contribute To Such A Good Cause

I am a student at the Virginia Military Institute and I purchased one of your bracelets because I wanted to contribute to such a good cause. I also believe it is important to honor and always remember our fallen soldiers. Just looking at it makes me thankful and honored to bear that persons name.

To Show My Brothers That They Are Not Forgotten

I can remember being a little kid and seeing my uncle wear this red thing on his wrist. I asked him one day what it was and explained it to me about the person on the bracelet and what the bracelet meant to him. I wear mine to show my brother's that they are not forgotten and to let the family member's of my fallen brother's know they are in our hearts and prayers.

Thanks again

Paying Tribute To Those Who Have Fallen

I go to a military college and I saw some other cadets with them on. My uncle was in the first and second gulf wars and my grandfather fought in WWII. I want to commission in the United States Army when I graduate. I feel that paying tribute to those who have fallen before us is the least we could do. I know I think about all soldiers, both alive and dead, every morning when I wake up. Maybe by wearing this bracelet I'll be about to remind other people who don't even realize the sacrifice that has been made for their freedom.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

For A Daily Reminder Of The Sacrifice Of 911 victim Families

I had wanted one for a while, but had held out because I always hoped to get one that actually looked nice. When I saw you offered VOT bracelets too, I decided that was the way to go. MAJ Hogan was the only 40-year-old Reservist from Florida on your list. (I'm a 40-year-old Reservist from Florida too.) I'll wear it as a daily reminder of the insignificance of my own family's small sacrifices during my year-long deployment to Iraq for OIF1 as compared to the overwhelming sacrifice of nearly 3000 families on 11SEP01 and the nearly 1200 families in the 3 years since.
May GOD bless MAJ Hogan's family, and may GOD continue to bless America!


To Keep Those In The Military In My Thoughts

I had a POW bracelet as a teenager during the Vietnam war and wondered if they existed today for our current situation and so I searched. I was actually surprised that they do and was very glad as well. I am a USAF veteran and my thoughts are constantly with those in the military today facing tough and perilous situations.


To Show Respect For Those Who Hold Their Heads High In Battle

I got this name is because of this article in the paper that I saw and this is what he said "The nature of the beast is that people are going to get hurt, killed. The thing about it is, how are you going to die? When people remember you.... are you going to say, 'I made it back, but I was ducking down the whole time, and not watching my buddy's back'? Or are you going to go back in a body bag, but at least you died with honor? If I'm going to die, that's how... with my head up." and seeing how I've been thinking about joining the military and I respect everything that the men and women in the military do I thought that this was a very true statement.
Thanks again, Sean

Remembering Fallen heroes

I am a Marine combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Throughout both conflicts I wore a KIA bracelet for SGT Lorenzo, a USA Ranger who was killed in the now famous "BlackHawk Down" battle in Somalia. This bracelet never, never came off my wrist. As you can imagine the once black bracelet is now a worn silver. I had planned on continuing to wear SGT Lorenzo's bracelet until my good friend CPL Michael was killed near Fallujah in September. We fought together on the initial push from Kuwait to Baghdad in early 2003, we all made it back alive. He was killed in his second tour with 2 weeks left until he was to return home. He was an outstanding Marine and he will be missed.


Remembering Those Who Share My Name

My husband's last name is Saucedo and we were wondering if any Saucedo's had fought in Vietnam. I visited the Vietnam Memorial site and found 1 Saucedo had gone to Vietnam. Rogelio Saucedo was the only one who served during this time. There isn't much information about him only the specifics as to when he entered the Army and when he died. My husband honors this man who sacrificed his life by wearing his name on his wrist everyday. He tells me this is the most heartfelt gift (my giving him the bracelet) he has ever received. You see, my husband doesn't know anything about the paternal side of the family but carries the name. He isn't close to his father or his fathers family. The name Saucedo is not a common name in the Hispanic community and we have wondered if he is related in anyway. We are researching this at this time.

My husband and I are very close and share some very common interests. He served in the USAF and I served in the USCG. My maiden name is Puckett and we also found that on the same panel of the wall are both a Puckett and Saucedo. They died within weeks of each other. When we found those names together we had a very somber moment. I, too, am researching information about 5 Pucketts who perished in Vietnam to see if I am related in anyway.

My husband, Agustin, thanks you for the beautiful bracelet. We both thank you for giving us a way to remember those who America forgot. May the Lord bless and keep you.


To Never Forget A Fallen Comrade

I ordered the bracelet to show my feelings and to never forget an awesome person, a comrade, and a friend, who was killed in a helicopter crash while we were in Afghanistan. Just before we were deployed he sold me his motorcycle, in order to by a house, because he was going to get married when we returned home. Instead of having the chance to see him get married, I was in Arlington cemetery watching him be layed to rest. That motorcycle sits in my garage today, I will always keep it in his memory. Thanks, you really make a lot of people happy.

Remembering Family Who Served In Vietnam

I served in Vietnam in 1969 and my cousin was killed there, also in 1969. While looking at the registry at the memorial, I noticed that there were three people with my last name listed. One was my cousin, Joe. Another was also KIA and then Mickey was listed as an MIA. It was his name I had engraved on the bracelet. Thank you for providing such a worthwhile service. Bob

Sunday, June 11, 2006

As An American It Is My Duty To Remember What Happened On 911

I am an American, unfortunately, humans tend to forget the negative things that happen, there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of September 11th. I'm not sure there are a lot of other Americans out there who remember. Whatever happened to the "United We Stand" shirts and the American Flags waving from car windows? As an American it is my duty to remember what happened, to never forget, because if we forget it will happen again.

To Show Tribute To My Husband And His Fellow Soldiers

My husband is with the 1st infantry division currently serving in Iraq. They have lost many in their unit and I wear my bracelet everyday just as a reminder of their sacrifice. I have my husband's name engraved on my bracelet and will wear it everyday until he comes home. They are all true heroes and thank you for providing such a neat way for me to show tribute to my husband and all of his fellow soldiers.


It Is The Very Least We Can Do To Support Those With The Courage To Go

I was in the Air Force myself, and now I deal with G.I.s on a daily basis at work (Baltimore-Washington Int'l Airport). I see them coming from and going to the Middle East everyday. It's the seeing-them-go part that really bothers me. Some of them I know will never return. I see where some of them have written their blood type in magic marker on the back side of their boots ~ what a huge dose of reality to swallow. On one occasion, I noticed two G.I.s returning home from Afghanistan wearing memorial bracelets. It reminded me I had seen them before (before this war) but had forgotten about them. I asked the boys about them and they told me about their buddy who was killed in Afghanistan and how to find the bracelets on the web. I came home that night and ordered them.

My husband and I chose Matt M. because he is currently our only POW from Iraq. We don't know him personally. I know there is also Speicher from Desert Storm and God knows too many to count from Vietnam, but Matt is from THIS time and THIS war. If ever there was hell on earth, it's in Iraq, and Matt had the courage to go. I have a 17-year-old boy turning 18 in June. Will he have to go? Wearing Matt's name on our wrist is the very least we can do. Maybe others will begin asking us about OUR bracelets and it will help remind people the price everyday American families are paying. My heart aches for them all.

Peace, Barb and Roy

A Way To Support Our Servicemen

The reason I was interested in the bracelet is that my son, who is in the army reserves, is friends with Matt M., who was captured on April 9. We continue to pray for all our servicemen. Our son is scheduled for deployment in about a month.

Thank you,

This Is My Way Of Supporting All Of The Military

It reminds me very much of the POW bracelet I wore during the Vietnam conflict. This is my way of supporting all of the military and all the soldiers lost while memorializing my brother who lost his life while trying to liberate a country that was being invaded.


A Great Way To Show Your Love For My Husband

I ordered a gold bracelet with my husband's name and mission engraved on it along with the Army seal and the praying hands. My husband will be going over to Iraq the end of November to the first part of December. I wear the bracelet in honor and support of him and all he does for our Country. My husband will be home on a block leave the end of October. I can't wait for him to see the bracelet. I have had several people comment on my bracelet. The most popular comment is "what a great way to show your love for your husband"

God Bless

A Bracelet To Honor My Friend And Comrade

I have been looking for a bracelet to honor my friend and comrade who gave his life to our freedom. SGT Randle was a good soldier who I had the pleasure of serving with in Iraq, I will never forget him.

SGT Bentivegna

This Is A Way To Keep The Memory Of A Friend Living Forever

I am a navy corpsman who recently returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 and was wounded in action. One of my best friends was killed in action, LCPL Kelly, I was the corpsman working on him when he passed away. This is a way to keep LCPL Kelly to live on forever.


Friday, June 09, 2006

To Replace My Lost Bracelet

My very young son at the time in '73 accidentally picked up my first bracelet and threw it out with some his toys....I didn't realize he was "playing" like that until I couldn't find it and noticed he threw a stuffed doggie in his diaper pail....they had diaper deliver back then!!! I figured since I could not find the bracelet that it went the "way of the doggie" too. I didn't replace the bracelet with another "name" bracelet; instead I bought a hand wrought silver thin cuff bracelet that summer that I have been wearing ever since then; over 30 years, in memory of all who were lost or missing in Vietnam. For some reason this year I decided for this Memorial Day I wanted to replace the bracelet I lost....I am wearing it proudly. It is my constant reminder that life is too short and should be treasured each day; and I pray for those who are still fighting for freedom.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

For A Friend Of Mine

The reason I got this is he was a high school friend of mine and we were in Nam together not on the same ship but over there. I was there a couple years before he was. He was a pilot and when taking off of a carrier the engines flamed out and he went down into the gulf never to be found. He and his twin brother and I were close in high school and were on the wrestling team together. Tony always wanted to someday become the president of the United States and you know what he probably would have made it and would have been an excellent president.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Memorial Day Rememberance Gift

Our family has been blessed many times over, having relation of one sort, or another serve in the military, only losing two in war, a cousin, (KIA VietNam,1968), my brother,(KIA VietNam,1969). Losing my brother was very hard on us, my Father could not work for months, as he took ill, my Mother, as her Father Had passed away 6 days prior: so I am constantly looking for things to honor my brother, and for what he, (as every other vet), stands for. Anyways, I 'stumbled' upon your web site, and, thought that Mother, (Father passed 5 years ago), would like to have this for a "Mothers day/Memorial day" rememberance gift, she will receive it tonight when I take her out for supper. Thank You on a superb job on these bracelets. Father always said, "None of our Boys died in vain as long as they are rememberd as soldiers, whom fought, and died for our freedoms." Let none of ever forget.


Friday, June 02, 2006

I Know The Sacrifice That The Men And Women Make Serrving Their Country

Serving in the United States Navy, I know the sacrifice that the men and women make serrving their country. I wanted to be reminded everyday and to remind people everyday that there are still toops overseas serving their coutnry and to remind them to keep them in their thoughts and prayers. The reason that I picked SN Pabolito Pena Briones Jr, is because I was a Seaman when I was medically discharged from the navy. I wanted to wear a bracelet of somebody that was in the navy and then to find somebody that had died for their country and the same rank as me, was really neat.

To Wear The Bracelet Inscribed With His Name Is A Honor And A Privilege

LTC Michael E McLaughlin was our son and his whole family is very proud of the sacrifice he made to help keep this country safe but to also help the people of Iraq obtain some of the freedoms we take for granted. He was making history in that part of the world. In six short months he gained the trust of the local tribal leaders and convinced them to have members of their tribes to volunteer for the police force and the Army. There were over 750 Iraqi civilians who came to volunteer because of LTC MAC efforts. He was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Combat Action Badge, the Purple Heart, The War on Terrorism Medal, and the Iraq Freedom Medal. To wear the bracelet inscribed with his name is a honor and a privilege.