Sunday, June 11, 2006

It Is The Very Least We Can Do To Support Those With The Courage To Go

I was in the Air Force myself, and now I deal with G.I.s on a daily basis at work (Baltimore-Washington Int'l Airport). I see them coming from and going to the Middle East everyday. It's the seeing-them-go part that really bothers me. Some of them I know will never return. I see where some of them have written their blood type in magic marker on the back side of their boots ~ what a huge dose of reality to swallow. On one occasion, I noticed two G.I.s returning home from Afghanistan wearing memorial bracelets. It reminded me I had seen them before (before this war) but had forgotten about them. I asked the boys about them and they told me about their buddy who was killed in Afghanistan and how to find the bracelets on the web. I came home that night and ordered them.

My husband and I chose Matt M. because he is currently our only POW from Iraq. We don't know him personally. I know there is also Speicher from Desert Storm and God knows too many to count from Vietnam, but Matt is from THIS time and THIS war. If ever there was hell on earth, it's in Iraq, and Matt had the courage to go. I have a 17-year-old boy turning 18 in June. Will he have to go? Wearing Matt's name on our wrist is the very least we can do. Maybe others will begin asking us about OUR bracelets and it will help remind people the price everyday American families are paying. My heart aches for them all.

Peace, Barb and Roy

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