Monday, June 19, 2006

I Carry The Memory That He Gave For Our Country

I have worn an MIA bracelet for over ten years up until a few years ago when the metal began to fray. I had thought of having the bracelet melted, recast and re-engraved with my soldiers name on it.
I wasn't alive during the Vietnam War, but my father served. He had worn the bracelet for some years before presenting it to me as a gift. He always emphasized to me the meaning behind the bracelet and I have a come to feel as though a part of me is missing if not wearing it. I will be ordering a new bracelet with my soldiers name. I call him "my soldier" because I carry the memory of his name with me. I carry the memory that he gave for our country. I carry hope, above all that he will return.
His name is Lt. Robert C. Marvin MI. It is but one name of thousands. To me, he has come to symbolize every soldier who is still MIA. Through him I carry their memory.

I hope one day to pass his memory on to my children.

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