Friday, June 23, 2006

For My Fiancee Who Was Shot In Southern Bahgdad

I ordered a bracelet not for myself, but for my fiancee who was shot in Southern Bahgdad back in January of this year. During his recovery, he has lost two of his Infantry Brothers. One to a roadside bomb, the other to a mortar attack. He continues to deal with the very real possibility that even more of his dearest friends will not return home alive. I gave him a memorial bracelet not sure how he would react being that this is understandably a very painful issue. Much to my relief, he absolutely loves and appreciates that he can carry on his friend's names with the bracelets. I thank you for the opportunity you have given me to give him something that he is and will forever hold dear to him. Of course, he will always remember his Brothers, but I think these bracelets hold such a great significance being that they often strike up conversations with strangers who are curious as to what they are and the story behind the Soldier's name engraved on them. This allows us to spread the story of their sacrifice and to carry on the stories of everyday men making bigger than life contributions to their country in a time of conflict. Thank you.


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