Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Remembering Those Who Share My Name

My husband's last name is Saucedo and we were wondering if any Saucedo's had fought in Vietnam. I visited the Vietnam Memorial site and found 1 Saucedo had gone to Vietnam. Rogelio Saucedo was the only one who served during this time. There isn't much information about him only the specifics as to when he entered the Army and when he died. My husband honors this man who sacrificed his life by wearing his name on his wrist everyday. He tells me this is the most heartfelt gift (my giving him the bracelet) he has ever received. You see, my husband doesn't know anything about the paternal side of the family but carries the name. He isn't close to his father or his fathers family. The name Saucedo is not a common name in the Hispanic community and we have wondered if he is related in anyway. We are researching this at this time.

My husband and I are very close and share some very common interests. He served in the USAF and I served in the USCG. My maiden name is Puckett and we also found that on the same panel of the wall are both a Puckett and Saucedo. They died within weeks of each other. When we found those names together we had a very somber moment. I, too, am researching information about 5 Pucketts who perished in Vietnam to see if I am related in anyway.

My husband, Agustin, thanks you for the beautiful bracelet. We both thank you for giving us a way to remember those who America forgot. May the Lord bless and keep you.


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