Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Remembering Fallen heroes

I am a Marine combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Throughout both conflicts I wore a KIA bracelet for SGT Lorenzo, a USA Ranger who was killed in the now famous "BlackHawk Down" battle in Somalia. This bracelet never, never came off my wrist. As you can imagine the once black bracelet is now a worn silver. I had planned on continuing to wear SGT Lorenzo's bracelet until my good friend CPL Michael was killed near Fallujah in September. We fought together on the initial push from Kuwait to Baghdad in early 2003, we all made it back alive. He was killed in his second tour with 2 weeks left until he was to return home. He was an outstanding Marine and he will be missed.


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Anonymous said...

Stand strong SGT, many of us love and appreciate all you do for us. Never, Never forget those who have fallen. Many of us do... and we force others too as well. At our Memorial Day parade we applauded loudly the troops just returnning from Iraq and Afghanistan, loudly enough that those who were usupportive were obviously uncomfortable.