Friday, June 09, 2006

To Replace My Lost Bracelet

My very young son at the time in '73 accidentally picked up my first bracelet and threw it out with some his toys....I didn't realize he was "playing" like that until I couldn't find it and noticed he threw a stuffed doggie in his diaper pail....they had diaper deliver back then!!! I figured since I could not find the bracelet that it went the "way of the doggie" too. I didn't replace the bracelet with another "name" bracelet; instead I bought a hand wrought silver thin cuff bracelet that summer that I have been wearing ever since then; over 30 years, in memory of all who were lost or missing in Vietnam. For some reason this year I decided for this Memorial Day I wanted to replace the bracelet I lost....I am wearing it proudly. It is my constant reminder that life is too short and should be treasured each day; and I pray for those who are still fighting for freedom.

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