Thursday, June 22, 2006

It Is Not About POWs It Is About The Dead

I wanted a bracelet because I wore a POW bracelet for years for my Vietnam soldier, he was MIA after the return. I checked on him occasionally via the net and learned recently that he is felt to have died in a plane crash that was witnessed. The crash site is not accessible, so the bodies have not been recovered.

When we got POWs in the Gulf war, I ordered a bracelet, randomly, and got the soldier from my state. Ironically, my Gulf soldier went missing on the same day as my Vietnam soldier, 20 some years later. But he came home-hooray.

Now my precious son is in Iraq. I wear all kinds of stuff to honor him. He is still ok, but he was in the truck next to Pfender's when they were all hit by the IED. Being the medic, he went straight to his best friend there who was injured fatally. My son held Jonathan as his life's blood poured all over the two of them. Joel knew John was gone the instant he was hit, but he held him and said a blessing for his dear friend. My son will never be the same after that, the son I sent to the Army died that day too. Later he discovered another soldier had been hit, but the guy was so adrenalined up he didn't even know it. The injury turned out to be severe, and Joel was able to save him and pack him off to the hospital. He is now home still recovering.

This war isn't about POWs, it is about the dead. I wear this bracelet in honor of Pfender, who lost his life, in honor of Joel, who lost his innocence, and in honor of Rodrigues, who's injuries are forever.


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