Sunday, June 18, 2006

This Is Something To Help People See How Special He Was

A good friend of mine and I were teammates at Florida International University. We ran cross country and track together. A funny story recounted by a marine was that while Mike was stationed at Ramadi in Iraq; while he was in the "snake pit" (had about a 300m perimeter) he would run loops upon loops to get in his run of 5-10miles/day. He was a very dedicated runner, teammate, but most of all friend. He was always thinking of others as was apparent in one of his transactions to many of his teammates here in Miami, FL where he sent a list of all the marines in his platoons and asked if we would send them letters and care packages. He helped in securing the safety of his men and also helped to defeat the enemy during an engagement on Oct 13, 2004 that ultimately lead to his death. Well these are just a few examples why I chose to get this bracelet. Did I really need a bracelet to remember him? No, I will never forget him. This is just something to help all who see it know how special he was. I am not a marine or in the armed forces but I am very thankful for the protection they help provide for us. I saw a bumper sticker that read as follows: "America home of the free, because of the brave." I feel that is so true. Thank you for this service and may the Lord bless our soldiers, our country, and our families.

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