Thursday, June 22, 2006

As An American I Will Wear This Bracelet With Pride

I remember the POW bracelets from Vietnam. My Parents did not allow me to have one for some odd reason I may never know. We were a military family and at Fort Lee Virginia at the time so... Now I work for the Air Force as a Civilian DOD Employee. From time to time you kind of forget why we are sending troops to what they call The Sand Box. So this will be a reminder to me and whoever I come in to contact with. After all now there are no pictures of the devastation on TV anymore. The whole thing seems like a bad dream that no body remembers any more..., yet we still have troops and civilians dieing over there daily because it is their jobs. Remember the war was supposed to be over last June. Well enough of all that. I'm pleased with the bracelets as and honorably discharged airborne ranger, as an ex-army brat, as a DOD employee and as a proud American I will wear this bracelet with pride.

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