Saturday, June 03, 2006

Memorial Day Rememberance Gift

Our family has been blessed many times over, having relation of one sort, or another serve in the military, only losing two in war, a cousin, (KIA VietNam,1968), my brother,(KIA VietNam,1969). Losing my brother was very hard on us, my Father could not work for months, as he took ill, my Mother, as her Father Had passed away 6 days prior: so I am constantly looking for things to honor my brother, and for what he, (as every other vet), stands for. Anyways, I 'stumbled' upon your web site, and, thought that Mother, (Father passed 5 years ago), would like to have this for a "Mothers day/Memorial day" rememberance gift, she will receive it tonight when I take her out for supper. Thank You on a superb job on these bracelets. Father always said, "None of our Boys died in vain as long as they are rememberd as soldiers, whom fought, and died for our freedoms." Let none of ever forget.


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