Friday, June 23, 2006

I Have Always Had Compassion Towards Vietnam Vets

Since I was a teenage girl, for some reason I have always have compassion towards Vietnam Vets, and the men and woman that served, and witnessed some horrific things, during the Vietnam conflict, and treatment that they received when they returned home. I have had one family member that was in Vietnam and he just passed away last July due to cancer from exposure from agent orange, I witnessed what he already went through with the war (stories that he shared) and then another battle, cancer. So I purchased two bracelet's one for me and my husband to wear. We wear them everyday and a lot of people ask what they are and have never even heard of such a thing and they think that it is a great concept. I chose men that were killed in action (BB) and remains never found and returned home, so I searched out men that were from the state that I live in (Ohio) and well all I can do is hope and pray for these lost souls are finally found and brought home instead of being on foreign soil.

I own a tattoo shop and a gentlemen that is getting ready to leave for Iraq had a bracelet on and that is how I found out. He was very helpful and actually guided me through to finding the website, I love the bracelet and so does everyone else. To me it is more than a bracelet, it is someone's soul and memory that I carry with me everyday, everywhere no matter what. I pray they are all found and thank you so much for the chance to wear something so passionate.


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