Saturday, August 04, 2007

For My Earth Angel

My son Noah was full of life, he was the happiest couragest 5 year old I knew.  I believe there are two types of Angels. Heavenly Angels and Earth Angels.  God sent Noah to us as an Earth Angel.  My son touched so many lives at the young age of 5 that most people don't do in a life time.  We live in a small town in called Thomaston, the population is approximately 8000 people.  My wife and I started a found to replace a 30 year old playground at Noah's school in his name.  Last year in 2006 we raised 240,000.00 for the new playground, the playground was built and like I told everyone,  Noah's playing on the playground with all the children laughing and smiling. Remember little things are really big things, in the whole scheme of things.

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