Wednesday, September 05, 2012

To Memorialize Spc Cedric L. Lennon

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet to memorialize a soldier: Spc Cedric L. LENNON. I had taken him under my wing. He was new to the Army and had some adjusting to do. I was his first NCO (permanent party) and taught him everything I knew. Eventually he found out he enjoyed being a soldier and reenlisted. I transfered to a different Squadron and would see him on occassion. He was doing well. Our regiment deployed to Iraq, and within a few months of deployment, I found out that he had passed. It always hit you hard when someone you know is killed, but even harder when that person is like a son. This braclet is a small reminder of his life, and the sacrifice he made. Every soldier that deployed with me ( in my platoon at that time) made it home, I wish he would have too.

Timothy I.

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