Saturday, June 30, 2007

Because I Feel Good Doing This For Our Country

I received my bracelet today and can't believe how wonderful it is already on my left wrist with a bracelet that I have been wearing since the Viet Nam war....a Lt. Col. L. W. Whitford, missing since 11/2/69. I keep wearing it because I checked on him and he was in a helicopter with another soldier and the copter went down and the bodies were never found. So until......I will wear it. The one I just had made is for a SFC Eric Horton, I went onto Operation Military and they gave me him as a penpal. We have been writing for 3 months and he is on his 3ed deployment and will wear until he is home safe....he is due to come home in Feb. but he keeps getting extended. I have sent him 3 huge boxes, one with a CD,DVD,VCR player in it. My father was a 35 year veteran of the Army and retired as a Brig. General and I feel good doing this for our country.


Anonymous said...

I also have Lt Col LW Whitford Jr memorial bracelet and check from time to time if he has been located. I would love to be able to contact his family, but have no info on him otherwise. I am in the process of ordering a bracelet in memory of a young man from our area, what a neat tribute to him.

Debi Brand said...

I wear my bracelet because it is just one more way in which I keep, Sgt. Emerson Noah Brand, my only son, my only child, killed in Baghdad, 15 March 2007, now with me at all times.

He is with God now--in part that is, because he is also always with me.

Because God promised, "where I am, there you may be also."(John 14:3. NKJV)

And where God is, Em is. This bracelet, just one more stroke underscoring that reality.

Debi Brand