Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For LCDR Michael Speicher

I have received my bracelet and love it.  I ordered the bracelet for LCDR Michael Speicher who went MIA on 17 Jan 1991 when his plane went down over Iraq.  Although I was only 8 years when this happened, I remember watching on the news the events unfold about the war and seeing pictures of LCDR Speicher and his MIA status.  It shaped my future from that point on, I knew I would join the military and serve as he did.  I always felt it was unfair - those who went missing, captured or killed and the families left behind, and knew it was my destiny in life to serve.  Although LCDR Speicher was a Navy pilot, he inspired me to follow my dreams and serve in the Air Force.  I ordered the bracelet to always be there as a reminder of why I choose to serve and help me when things get tough. 

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