Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For Air Force Member MIA in 1965

I just received my Memorial Bracelet today. I chose the name of a member of the Air Force who was declared MIA in 1965 because for 10 years I lived in Salem, two towns over, and I have wonderful memories of living in the area. This young man never got to experience the beauty, fun and joy of living in this wonderful ocean side community.  I felt that I owed him that much, to honor his memory.

My ex-husband is a Vietnam Veteran, who was Military Police in the Air Force, and suffers from PTSD.  The Vietnam war, and the resulting PTSD, was the major cause of the dissolution of our marriage.  I now belong to Soldier's Angels, and have "adopted" a soldier serving in Afghanistan.  Ironically, he is in the National Guard, in the Military Police.  I wanted to wear a bracelet to honor the soldiers who fought in Vietnam, as I always honored, and still do, my ex-husband, and to also honor those who are serving now.  I will wear the bracelet as a reminder of all those who did not come home, in hopes that all those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan currently will all come home.  I will pray for and honor them all "Until they all come home."

When will we learn the folly of war and that no one comes home the same..........

Esther Ann

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