Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Remember Uncle Donnie

My uncle Donald was killed in Vietnam before I was born. My dad never talked about him very much because it was to painful. I knew he was killed in Vietnam but didn't know much else about him except that he was very young, 19. My dad told the story about one time when Donnie got to come home for a short time because he was wounded he was bringing him back to the airport to go back to Vietnam, Donnie told my dad that he wouldn't be coming home and to take care of mom and brother. My uncle Donnie was killed in June and his funeral was on my brothers 4th birthday. I found some letters he had written while he was in vietnam that my mom and dad kept in their safety deposit box. Some of them were written while he was in a foxhole so they are dirty and very hard to read because he was writing them in the dark. They are very sad to read. I had a baby last February and I named him after my uncle Donnie. I am making a scrapbook about my uncle Donnie to give to my son when he is older so he knows who and why he is named after this person. I thought this Memorial Gracelet would be a nice addition to go along with his scrapbook. Thank you very much. I am so happy I found this website.

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