Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For My Beautiful Fiance 2LT Peter Burks

I wear a Memorial Bracelet for my beautiful fiancé, Army 2LT Peter Burks, who was killed November 14, 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq. I wear it to keep him close to my heart, and to share his story with people that ask me what the bracelet stands for. I wear it to spark awareness with fellow Americans who might forget that we're still fighting this war, and to support the soldiers defending us downrange. I wear it as a link to Pete's unit, 4/2 SCR, and as a tribute to all veterans. I wear it as a reminder that "we are under the control of a good God, no matter what the circumstances," as Pete once said. I wear it to remain vigilant in daily life, and to show gratitude for the reasons our flag flies proudly in the American sky. I wear it as a link to the Army of Angels who paid the ultimate price for people that might never even know their names. Most of all, I wear my Memorial Bracelet as a representation of Heavenly love wrapped up in the 26 short years Pete shared here on earth.
"Toujours Pret."
Melissa H.
Fiancee of 2LT Peter Burks, U.S. Army

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