Monday, May 31, 2010

For Willard D. "Dale" Marshall

I ordered the Memorial Bracelet for me to wear in memory of my husband's best friend, Willard D. "Dale" Marshall, who was killed in Viet Nam in 1968. The dog tag is for my husband to place with the Memorial Wall rubbing of Dale's name.

I wore one of the original Viet Nam POW/MIA bracelets back in the 1960s, but had no idea they were being sold now until I saw your site on FaceBook. Thank you so much for offering these items.


Sara Joiner E.
Maggie's Valley


Anonymous said...

I am grateful that my father is still so remembered and cared for.

Thank you,

Rod Marshall

Winddancer said...

Rod, I have a feeling that my husband, George, thinks of your dad a lot more than he talks about. He doesn't share his emotional side very much; he just keeps it all in. I know he would love to hear from you. If you're willing to write to him, his e-mail address is I think the loss of your dad affected George in a way he's never felt before and he doesn't know how to handle it. Seeing Dale's name on "the wall" really got to him although, again, he didn't let it show much. But I could tell he still hurt so much and really misses your dad.

Sara Joiner Eubanks