Friday, May 07, 2010

For Vietnam MIA Cpl Bobby Neeld

I will be attending LZ Lambeau on May 23rd, 2010 in Green Bay, WI. A welcome home to the Vietnam Vets....finally.

This is the first time, since serving there, that I have seen my husband show a little pride at having been a part of it. I remember even some of our friends looked down on him when he returned. Anyway, I wore Bobby Neeld's bracelet as a young woman. When the Vietnam MIA Bracelet broke many years ago, I kept it in my jewelry box until I heard a friend was going to Washington DC as a school chaperon, I asked him to find Cpl. Neeld's name on the Memorial Wall and asked him to leave the bracelet there, which he did.

My husband and I will be working computers, helping people find their friends, loved ones and relatives names on the traveling Memorial Wall, and I will be wearing Cpl. Neeld's MIA bracelet and a POW/MIA t-shirt. I am so proud to be wearing his name again, after all these years...even though I am not so young a woman anymore. I have never forgotten him....we should never forget him.

Linda N.
Sturgeon Bay, WI


Pat Tomlin said...

I was so glad to read your story as I too wore Bobby Neeld's Viet Nam bracelet until it also broke and sadly I lost half of mine but fortunitly had the side with his name or most of it in tact.I was always so prowd to be supportive of all these wonderful brave men and women. I wore three different ones and hope I can find out about the other two also.I had a brother-in-law over there too. God Bless These looked over and forgotten souls. Patricia Tomlin McKenney,Va.23872 8044787868

Bobby Neeld said...

I want to thank you both for wearing my Grandfather's bracelet proudly! It couldn't make me happier to see people show their support. Even though I also did not get to meet this hero, I can't wait until the day I meet him heaven. Once again thank you so much for showing your support!

- Bobby Gene Neeld