Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Honor of My Nephew PFC Aaron J. Ward

I will wear my Memorial Bracelet forever in honor of my hero, my nephew
PFC Aaron J. Ward. He had only served in the Army just under a year
and had already decided he was going to be a career soldier. He was
young and loved the uniform, the Army and most of all his country.
Aaron was born on 4/29/89 and was Killed In Action on 5/6/08 which was
a week after his 19th birthday. He was a fantastic kid that everyone
that knew him loved him and for such a short period here with us he
sure touch so many people. I learned from a fellow soldier the
following "All Soldiers are Heros and Heros never die, they just
muster at a separate rally point and move on to the next objective! So
5/6/08 will forever be remembered as "Aaron's Heroism" to me, his
uncle, the family and his friends that still visit and call his mom.
You are thought of often and loved even more, Forever Young Kid.

Uncle Gary
In Honor of:
PFC Aaron J. Ward
4/28/89-5/6/08 (KIA)
Al Anbar Province, Iraq

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Anonymous said...

God bless him and be with his family. He gave hisself so unselfishly. Please tell his mom that HE IS MY HERO.-proud Army mom also.