Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To Maintain the Memory of Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff

I found your web site purely by accident and seeing that you can specify who is on the bracelet, I chose Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff.

Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff is the father of a very close friend of mine way back in New Mexico (like 35 years ago).  I had a chance to wear one of the first POW/MIA Bracelets for then Capt. Robert Pasekoff, but (very stupidly) chose not to.  Since then and having been in the military for several years and having been in multiple combat situations, I can appreciate the pain of a missing or captured loved one.  It is a responsibility of all us to support the military and it is necessary to keep there memory alive in such a way that they are not forgotten.  This is why I wear the "Bracelet", not for me, not for the country, not for my family or his family, it is for Lt. Col Robert E. Pasekoff or the missing or captured.  It is our duty as fellow veterans to maintain the memory of his and others either lost or missing.

By the way, this will be my 5th bracelet that I have worn, I wore 3 while active Army and 1 as a civilian.  The only reason I took them off is they were all found and returned home.

To my fellow soldiers and families, keep the faith!



summer said...

in 1973, I wore a POW bracelet my mom bought for me. The name on the bracelet was MAJ Roberr E Paskoff. I wore it when I was in 5th grade all the way through high school, never taking it off. I was asked by a referee once in basketball to take it off, but I snuck and put it on my ankle under my socks. From then on I wore an ace bandage when I played sports. I am now 50 and always wanted to let the fanily know I prayed everynight for Maj Rrobert E Paskoff, and wore his bracelet for many years.

Laurie W. said...

I also have a bracelet with Maj. Robert Pasekoff's name on it. I purchased it in high school in the early 70's.
I got it out today. Glad I did.
Laurie W.