Friday, December 01, 2006

For A Good Friend, Fantastic Dad and Great Soldier

I just received my bracelet and it is well done! I was given your site by my Staff Judge Advocate who also lost a friend. SSG Lance Chase was a friend by way of my wife. In reality it was by way of our children. Lance’s oldest son Brandon and my oldest son have been classmates for over 3 years. As the boys would tell you they are like brothers, only closer. When I was deployed to Iraq for OIF II, Lance had just returned from OIF I. Right away he stepped in and filled a gap for my son while I was gone. He coached the boys soccer team, took them out to eat, worked on projects from Home Depot with them, and generally help ease the pain of my son not having Dad around. Today I feel a little bad, because I never really knew Lance before I came and found out all the fantastic things he did for my boys while I was away. He was a great Dad who wasn’t afraid to share himself with the boys. He grew to be a great friend as we got to know each other. When he was killed it affected my son pretty hard because he was the first Soldier he actually knew who was killed. So I ordered this bracelet as a memorial to Lance’s memory. It reminds me of a good friend, a fantastic Dad, and a great Soldier. He embodied everything an American Soldier can be, if puts his heart into it.

Thanks again,

MAJ Kevin
Warrior 1
1st ACB

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