Thursday, November 30, 2006

For Lt. Williams

The Bracelets are both very nice. I found your web-sight while looking for Vet bracelets and was most pleased to see you had some honoring those who lost their lives to 9-11.
I bought two of your bracelets one for a friend of mine who has a son serving in the Army - to show support.

The other I purchased to remember a Shipmate of mine. LCDR Williams, then Lt. Williams, was the OPSO of the ship when I came on board as Chaplain. I did not get the chance to really know Lt. Williams well, but the time we were on the ship together I realized he was a fine young man with great potential as a Naval Officer. I had the privilege of Baptizing his new born daughter, my first Baptism on the ship. I got the Bracelet to remind me of this fallen Shipmate and the great price that is paid for freedom. I also keep the Baptism picture in my office so when people ask - I can tell them about this Naval Officer I had the privilege to meet.

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