Sunday, May 27, 2012

For those who have fought in past wars

I wore two bracelets & a ring with the names of CWO Dennis C. Hamilton USA 1-5-68 LAOS IA, Panel No. 33E Line No. 49, CAPT. Trent R. Powers USN 10-31-65 NVN MN, Panel 03E Line No. 10, & my ring has the name CPL David E. Lovegren USA 3-1-69 SVN OR, Panel No. 30W Line No. 5. I still have them & they sit in a place of honor so that I remember always. My Dad is also on the wall. 1SGT Harvey N. Hedstrom USA 5-17-69 SNV MN, Panel No. 24W Line No. 31. Please remember all those who have fought in past wars, as well as the present wars. Let NO ONE BE FORGOTTEN. Bless all our Vets.

Lea Ann E.

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Doreen "Reno" Terrell, Earlham, Iowa said...

I too have a ring with Dennis C. Hamilton's name and MIA info on it. I received it at a POW/MIA motorcycle ride in Iowa many many years ago. It was on the handlebar of my Harley and stayed put until his remains were found. I brought it with me to the following POW ride. I came across it today while going through some things. I still feel deep emotions when looking at it. Rest in peace Dennis, and thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you made for our country.