Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Major James White Lost in Laos

I received the POW Bracelet for Major James White USAF lost in Laos 11-24-69.  I like it very much.  While I was stationed in Thailand 1970-1973, I ordered a random missing person POW bracelet in 1971.  I received a bracelet for Captain James White and only assumed he had been shot down.  I did not know where or much else about him. 

I located a site and found his picture.  According to one person who e-mailed information about the Major, his brother Ltc. White was killed in the Apollo project in 1967.  His father retired as an Air Force General.  The internet source explained James White had since been promoted to Major.  He is still missing and I learned he was shot down in Laos. Having been stationed adjacent to Laos, the bracelet gained new meaning after 31 years.

I ordered the new bracelet to replace the misplaced original bracelet.

Agent Dean Bowman

Glendale Police Department  twenty-eight years   

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Unknown said...

I have the same chrome bracelet. Mine says Captain James White 11 24 69. This Brother of Arms will be remembered often. I often regret being a veteran. War is so senseless and we are not the ones bringing it about. It's the power mongers and the money changers.