Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For SSgt. Thomas Dean

Here is my bracelet.. but it's more about the man than the bracelet... Sgt Dean was one of our Platoon Sgts. ( Recon)... He was a quiet, non-forceful man, a friend as much as a Sgt... He was hit in the head three times and had his arm shattered, while he was charging a machine gun nest to save his men... He was taken to Plieku to an Army hospital, where he later died of Hepatitis, while trying to recover from his wounds... So whether you buy or have bought a bracelet... even though the name on it may be personal to you... what he did and all the others, bracelet or no, needs to be thanked and remembered by all of us.. We may not know all the names, but we do know what they all did for us.... R.I.P. all you brave soldiers...

Robert H.

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