Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Show I Cared

I purchased a Memorial Bracelet many years ago as a teenager....I wore it for a very long time...I eventually married and moved on with my life but kept the bracelet ......about ten years ago I contacted the Army and explained who I was.....and the story of the braclet ....I told them I wanted the family of the Leutenant to have the bracelet so they would have it and know that somewhere,someone cared about him......before I returned the bracelet I went to DC to see the Vietnam Wall of names....I found his name and made an etching of his name....I have it somewhere as a keepsake......I then mailed the bracelet to the Army at there request so they could forward the bracet to his whoever buys a Memorial  Bracelets, just know that somewhere is a family that misses their loved ones and a total stanger cared....

L.a. W.

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