Friday, November 23, 2012

For a Friend Injured Fighting for our Country

I received my Memorial Bracelet yesterday via UPS. The bracelet turned out fabulous. The detail, clarity and strength of the bracelet is remarkable.

The name on my bracelet is a good friend of mine. We were friends for many years, and when 9/11 happened, the Patriotism came out in the both of us (it was there 110% before, but now it was time to step up). We both went to college together and graduated in August of 01. We both were working great jobs, and quit them to defend our country....And that was the best choice we ever made. As time went on, I was injured and was discharged due to the inability to perform my duty to the fullest of my expectations and my COs. My bud stayed.

He was docked to come back for leave, but offered to stay in hostile territory when he had a 21 year old soldier in his flight become a Dad for the first time. So some how (I am still trying to figure this out), papers were turned, favors were granted, and prayers were answered, and the young soldier got his leave to see his new family, with my bud staying behind, taking his place. Because of this, my friend was severely injured and will never be the same again. He has lost all ability to function, talk, etc. Therefore, I want him to see me there as support, and always know I have him close to my heart. In my eyes, this soldier dropped everything he had to defend this Nation, then when it was his time to go home on leave, gave up his slot for a brother in arms. That is exemplarily leadership, dedication and sacrifice, which is our code, and what we live by on a daily basis.

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