Thursday, March 13, 2008

For a Combat Photographer

I met him during pre deployment training.  He was assigned to our Headquarters as Combat camera (photographer).  He was a really nice young man. Once we arrived in Afghanistan, he was the only one who jumped in the back of the truck with me to unload the kits.  He said Sir, (I am a major) you shouldn't be doing this alone and started laughing.  Sadly, he died along with five others (1 UK and 4 US) one month later when the Chinook he was flying in, got shot down after dropping troops during an Air assault.  He didn't need to, but volunteered to go and take pictures of the guys. He wanted to make sure Folks back home knew and could see what the guys here were doing.  I had lunch with him just before he left to prepare for the mission. .... He is missed......

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