Tuesday, April 01, 2008

For my Good friend SSgt Walrod "The Doc"

I wear this Memorial Bracelet for SSgt Walrod "The Doc" he was a good friend of mine.  He was the IDMT while I was deployed on a humanitarian mission in Central America.  SSgt Walrod treated me personally.  I was stung by a scorpion (about 1 1/2 inches long) and spent 2 days in the hospital.  When it initially happened he was there and took care of me and rushed me to the hospital before the reaction to the sting closed off my airway.  I got to the hospital and received the anti venom and everything was fine.  It was just hard to breath for a while and hurt a little.  SSgt Walrod was killed while off base providing medical care.  He was struck head on by a oncoming semi.  I posted the link about him at the bottom if you would like to know more.  Thanks again for everything.

Thank You, 

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Anonymous said...

I had known Matt since 8th Grade, and was lucky enough to call him a very good friend... even though near the end of his life we weren't as close.

In High school he was a loyal and great friend, even when he should not have been sometimes. And after high school I always knew he was there for me if I needed him.

He and I had some amazing adventures, or misadventures as I call them now. And Matt has given me so many stories that are inspiring/humorous/embarrassing for the both of us.

But I think his favorite adventure was being in the military. He loved being a part of it, and where it took him. And he died while on a mission that was great, heroic, and inspiring to the folks he grew up with.

~Corey Whiteman