Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For our Son who Lost His son

This bracelet is for our son.  Glenn Sweet who lost his son, Jack on Feb. 8- 2008 to a roadside bomb in Iraq.  Jack was named after me, his grandfather, Jack Sweet. He was only 19.  He never had a chance in life.  His recruiter said that he never had anyone try harder to get into the service. He had been a member of the young Marines before going into the Army. He did have the chance to go to his graduation at Fort Benning, from there he was sent to Fort Drum, which is only 25 miles from our/his home in upstate New York. Jack was the first person killed in combat from our village since WW2. Fort Drum is naming a new bldg. on post after Jack. It is in the works to name a section on route 12 in his honor.


Jack Sweet

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