Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For Two Veterans, Me and My Dad

The bracelet is great. I had one years ago that I bought on base in Colorado and it finally got worn out and broke. I have been trying to replace it for awhile now but just never thought of the Internet as an option, finally one day it dawned on me and I found your site.

I Googled POW bracelets and found your site listed there. I went through many of the available links and decided that your site was the option for me, with your own donations to various support organizations and with the ability to choose who and what gets put on the bracelet, all that and the price is great.

I ordered a Memorial Bracelet because I myself am a veteran and my father is a Vietnam veteran. I have been out of the military for about four years now but have never lost the drive to support  our troops and all those who came before, the fact that we still have POW and MIA's in so many countries is something that the general public either has no idea about or fails to acknowledge. If my bracelet gets the attention of one person and I have the opportunity to tell them about our troops and the services they give happily without any gripes or complaints then I feel like I have continued my support.


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