Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For a MIA Soldier in Iraqi Freedom

I ordered a MIA bracelet for a soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Why?  My husband, Matt, is active duty Army and was in one of the first Army units on the ground in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  My husband is a Combat Medic and was one of the very people that saved soldiers' lives during the first year of Iraqi Freedom.  He has been back twice since then.  I am extremely proud of my husband and what he has done for our family, community and country.  I also am proud of all of the soldiers from all the forces who have sacrificed so much for all of us in this country!  Fortunately, my husband has came home safe and sound each time.  I am thank God daily for that.  I cannot imagine what the family of the missing soldiers must be going through and if I can keep this soldier and his family close to my heart and think about and pray for him daily by wearing this bracelet, then that is the least I can do to honor a solider!  

Thank you,


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