Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Paul Charvet Who Was Killed in Vietnam

I grew up very close to Williams Air Force base Mesa AZ.  It's now William's Gateway.  I went out and got a bracelet in 1972.  Over the years it was lost.  I was praying for our soldiers recently and remembered that bracelet.  I wanted to remember a young man that went far away from home and died for his country.  Paul Charvet was born in 1940 in Grandview, Washington.  I wanted him to know that I pray for him and remember every soldier that has ever gone out for me and their fellow soldiers.  Lt. Charvet's Mom is still alive.  I wrote to the local librarian and she passed along a note that I remembered his anniversary - 21 March 1967 NVN MIA.  She should know that people are grateful and care.



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