Saturday, June 19, 2004

For A Flight 93 Passenger

I ordered a bracelet with Nicole Miller's name on it because I knew her personally from my teenage years. We worked together at the same shoe store for about a year and we became decent friends. I didn't know that Nicole was a Flight 93 passenger until last August when I was home on leave. I noticed a small memorial at her former workplace; Chili's and it took a minute for it to sink in. I've been in the military since July of 1998 and I am a Security Force member in the Air Force. When 9/11 happened, I was hurt/angry like everyone else in the world and being in the military made a little more sense to me. Until that day, I went about my business and than I saw her memorial. 9/11 hit a little more close to home and I've now dedicated the rest of my military career to Nicole Miller's memory. Even though I hadn't seen Nicole since 1998, she was one of those people that you never forgot.

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