Saturday, June 19, 2004

For A Fellow Cop

I bought a bracelet as a birthday present for a fellow cop I know who is really into POW and 9/11 stuff. Her last name is Smith and she is just a couple years younger than Moira so I knew that was the name she would want to wear. I have printed tons of information about Moira off the web to include with the bracelet. I can almost guarantee this officer will wear it for at least the rest of her career.

I stumbled across the bracelet for Sirius. I supervise the K-9 team for our city police department. I work with a cop who is a great dog handler and all around good cop. I wanted to show some appreciation for the hard work he does and knew he would understand the significance of "representing" Sirius and his handler.

Captain Mazza is a couple years older than I, but our police careers have been similar. My mother's maiden name is Matz, which was also similar to Kathy's name. My grandpa Matz served in the Army during WWII and died 8/9/01. It's important to me to remember the female cops in particular that made the ultimate sacrifice that day. Kathy Mazza was a trailblazer for many other women to follow. I wear her name on my right wrist to remind myself, cops I work with and the public of her sacrifice and to instill in myself the obligation to make the same sacrifice in my work if the situation arises.

I am also a reserve soldier and have 23 years of service. I chose SGT Thurman to represent the women who serve in our armed forces. We still are excluded from some jobs in the military because they are too dangerous, and yet female soldiers have been dying in the line of duty for decades. I went to basic training in Alabama, Thurman's home state. I wear her on my left wrist next to my watch. This bracelet is a little more personal. I wear her name to remind me that our Army consists of individuals. It's important for me to remember who they are and she reminds me of whom I am.

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