Tuesday, July 08, 2008

For MSG James W. Holt a Missing Solder

I received my Memorial Bracelet over the weekend and really like it. I am impressed with the craftsmanship and service.  I came across your web link while looking up information on sending care packages to a couple guys I know in Iraq.

This is my second bracelet for MSG James W. Holt.  The first one is worn so bad that you can barely read the information.  I've worn his bracelet for 20 years.  I sent off for a bracelet, allowing the company to randomly pick the POW-MIA's name. When it arrived chills went through me. MSG Holt was reported missing in February 1968.....I joined the Army in February 1968.  This proved to me that as one solder fell another one would stand up to take his place!!


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