Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Because Tom Selleck wore one on Magnum P.I

I've always wanted a POW/MIA bracelet after I saw Tom Selleck wearing one on the Magnum, P.I. television show.  I was ten years old when the show premiered.  My parents explained to me what the bracelets were for and what they were about.  I learned about your website from a Magnum fan website.  The website is www.magnum-mania.com.  There is a reference about your website in the Magnum gear section.  Now that I have all of the shows on DVD I was able to determine the name on Magnum's bracelet with a little help from the fan website.  I just received the shipment notification and I can't wait to get my bracelet.  I will be posting some pics of the bracelet on the website forum.  I have a post started on there about the bracelet that I ordered.  I have also read the story about Kenneth Lancaster (the name on my bracelet). I hope to honor his memory as well as have a piece of Magnum gear.  Thank you for providing this service.



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