Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Close Friend CPT Ullyses Burgos-Cruz

I am currently surving on a Transition Team in support of OIF.  I received word in April that a close friend of mine (CPT Ullyses Burgos-Cruz) was killed during a mounted combat patrol while serving on a Military Transition Team in Iraq.  Of course I was shocked and still have my moments of grief over the loss of such a dear friend.  I was also saddened further by the news that his wife was awaiting the birth of their first child and now would be doing so without him.  I thought about it for a long time and then made the decision to honor the memory of Ullyses by having a Memorial Bracelet made to serve as a reminder of his ultimate sacrifice and selfless service, as well as those of so many others who have done the same.  In life he was one of the most positive and free spirited people I have ever met and he always had a smile and a cheerful hello to share with everyone that he met.  He was a light in the darkness and could brighten even the darkest of days with his presence alone.  He will be greatly missed and forever remembered both by myself and everyone else who came into contact with his contagiously positive and beautiful spirit!

CPT Brian

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