Saturday, December 13, 2008

To Honor Vietnam MIAs

When the war started in Iran I was distraught, I kept thinking we still had not finished identifying and bringing home our soldiers from Vietnam, the war of my era,....I decided that I would wear a Vietnam MIA bracelet to honor the MIA and also, wearing a bracelet 24 hours a day, seven days a week helps me remember our soldiers who have and continue to serve our country....and to be grateful to them.  

Every now and then I find constantly wearing the bracelet bothersome....instead of taking it off, I stop and think of the soldiers and the difficult situations they are in for all of us. The red aluminum bracelet I had been wearing to honor Stephen J. Geist, an MIA in South Vietnam, had worn out. I was proud to be wearing a worn out MIA bracelet, but then thought it might honor Stephen more if people were able to read his name on a shiny new stainless steel bracelet. Thank you for continuing to make these bracelets....and keeping us aware.

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